Sunderland v Barnsley View From T'Other Side

Last updated : 26 October 2006 By Rob Miles (barnsley Boy)

I think it's an understatement to say last season was a big disappointment for Sunderland but what was the main thing/s that went terribly wrong?

The defence was utterly disgraceful, including the goalkeeper. To top that off, we didn't have someone who could put the ball in the back of the net - we had Jon Stead but to be fair, he would be better use in midfield.

Mick McCarthy. A Barnsley legend is any of the blame attached to him or was it just a case of he was in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Mick McCarthy. A Sunderland legend! He was a great bloke and a good manager. He made some bad signings but what else was he supposed to do with the lack of funds. Not to blame at all.

Everything seems to have changed around now though. New chairman- a legend at Sunderland and then a manager who was one of the best players to grace England. Promotion on the cards?

Promotion would be a hard task. We got off to a slow start and things are looking quite dire at the moment, the defence is simply too poor - some loan signings would help a lot. However we're not far from the play-offs and if we're lucky - we should scrape into the Premiership that way.

It's a big game for us on Saturday as we need the points to move away from the bottom 3. Which Sunderland players should we be most concerned with?

Dean Whitehead and Tobias Hysen are the main threats from midfield. Dwight Yorke got his first goal against Stoke so maybe he has the confidence to rip your defence to pieces - who knows.

Who do you see as Barnsley's Dangermen?

I've heard the mascot is quite skilful…

Where do you see both teams finishing come May?

I think Sunderland will be mid-table(ish) with Barnsley scrapping around the relegation spots.

And finally a prediction for Saturday?

The Stadium of Light may be a bit daunting for some of your players but that hasn't stopped anyone else having a good go at it. 2-1 Sunderland win.

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