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Pre-Season Report

Pre-Season Report

VFL Bochum 1-2 Barnsley
Pre-Season Report:

Pre-Season Report:

Toulon 2-4 Barnsley

Pre-Season Report
- Barnsley Thu 18th July
Pre-Season Report:
- Barnsley Wed 10th July
Dougall Top Dog For Reds In Draw With Tigers
- Barnsley Sun 29th July
Reds Winning Streak Ends With Hungary Draw
- Barnsley Fri 20th July
Class of 92 beaten By Reds Of 2018
- Barnsley Sun 15th July
7 Up For Reds
- Barnsley Wed 11th July
Reds See Gains From Trinity Win
- Barnsley Sun 8th July
Terriers Tamed
- Barnsley Sat 1st August
Reds Left Dead And Boroed.
- Barnsley Thu 30th July
Wilko Header Provides The Killie.
- Barnsley Wed 22nd July
Seven Goal Thriller No Hassell for Bobby.
- Barnsley Sun 19th July
Was This Barnsley in DisGUISE?
- Barnsley Wed 15th July
Celtic Not A Stalybridge Too Far
- Barnsley Sun 12th July
Young Devils Beat Barnsley
- Barnsley Wed 30th July
Barnsley 1-1 Hull
- Barnsley Sun 27th July
Torino Inflict Italian Job
- Barnsley Mon 21st July
Reds Fail To Bank Win At Halifax
- Barnsley Sun 13th July
Gr-eight Pre-season so far!
- Barnsley Tue 28th July