View From T'Other Side

Last updated : 03 October 2008 By Rob Miles (barnsley Boy)

1. I know this is a local derby but with recent results for both clubs, how massive is this game for you? It's huge. Both sides really want to beat each other as big rivals anyway, and going into the international break after 6 defeats would be a disaster really for both sides.

2. After doing fantastically last season to get promoted and starting this season with two wins from four, what has suddenly gone wrong to lose the last five games?
Basically like Barnsley we're just not scoring. We've had no luck in games having dominated against top sides like Birmingham, Charlton and Sheff Utd where all the opposition fans said we deserved 3 points. We've missed some absolute sitters and it's a confidence thing that seems to be creeping in. I do think we need that striker to help us out. General play is fantastic but in the final 3rd it's just not going in. This puts pressure on the defence, thus leading us to conceding a few pens and scoring own goals.

3. Inevitably when results are going wrong fans start to turn. Are Rovers fans still behind Sean O'Driscoll? Surprisingly yes. He's getting better support this year than he had when we were doing well last year. Every game we've been behind in the fans have continued to sing his name. I think that's down to us playing brilliant football thanks to him, but at the end of the day he can't help strikers missing sitters.

4. After five defeats is a game against Barnsley just what Doncaster need? Or is this dangerous because of the poor form of both sides? I'm not sure. Our record against you is brilliant in recent years. I don't think we've lost to Barnsley for 29 years now, but that will end at some point. I think a derby takes the pressure off in a way as it's a game that we can win but it being a derby it's unpredictable and that could help us get that luck we're missing.

5. In the last five meetings between the two sides Rovers have hit 16 goals. But with both sides having only scored four goals this season, do you see it being quite a tight match? It'll be a 4-3 kind of game or a 0-0. One or the other. From what I've heard Barnsley are just as unlucky as us and in the end both teams will start scoring goals before long. Both teams are better than the relegation zone I feel.

6. Who will be Doncaster's danger men this season? I don't think there's many stand out players. Richie Wellens is the obvious one in midfield but it's more about the team system. I'm a big fan of Martin Woods and I reckon he's our most talented and skilful player. Him and Coppinger in midfield should cause lots of problems, but I'd say the whole lot of midfielders including Brian Stock are a danger as a unit.

7. Who do you fear most in the Barnsley side? Campbell Ryce. He's got that pace and ability to run at players and cause us problems down the sides. Same for Devaney on the other side. Both impressed me at league 1 level and that width will cause us problems I think.

8. Score Prediction for Saturday? Hard to tell. I'm confident we can win but it'll go either way, I'll go for 3-2 to Rovers though with a sending off for each side.

9. How do you feel both sides will fare this season. Can both Barnsley and Doncaster survive in the Championship this season or will we be playing this game in League One again next year? Both will stay up. I think once goals come the two of us will start beating a lot of sides. Only QPR and Bristol outplayed us in general play and Barnsley sound similar. Get them goals and we'll both finish mid table easily.