View From T'Other Side: Barnsley v Cardiff City FA Cup Semi-Final

Last updated : 05 April 2008 By Rob Miles (barnsley Boy)
1. This is the furthest either Barnsley or Cardiff have been in the FA Cup since the years the two sides actually won the competition. How much belief do you have that Cardiff can go on to win the FA Cup and why do you think this?
The cup this season has proved that any team can beat any other team on any given day. At the moment I'm trying not to get carried away by thinking we are set for a final appearance because we still have a very tough game against Barnsley. If we make the final we'll have a sporting chance. Let's get Sunday sorted first.

2. Given the choice of winning promotion but Swansea coming up too this season or winning the FA Cup and Swansea staying down which would you pick and why?
Promotion is a long shot for us. For me it's all about the cup now. We are set for a probable top half finish in the table and that's OK. The Cup is far more important. It's history. We have had many promotions and relegations, but only one cup win a long time ago. I'm sorry, who are Swansea?

3. With Cardiff being nearly £30m in debt and the threat of administration hanging over the club, how much in financial terms does this cup run mean to the club?
Any boost from a cup run is helpful to the club but as fans we have no idea where the money goes. We've raked in a small fortune from player sales and the cup runs yet we could not bring in a loan player to help our fragile squad.

4. In Barnsley the whole town is buzzing about Sunday, what's the reaction being like in the city of Cardiff itself?
I've not been out and about much in the City Centre but from what I can gather there's not much of a buzz in the local business community. We will always be competing with Wales rugby and it will take something pretty special to turn some people's heads. There's plenty of excitement amongst the fans and we are getting local media coverage but you could walk through the town Centre and have no clue what was going on.

5. The FA has stated that if Cardiff do indeed win the cup, they will not be able to participate in the UEFA Cup next season as it is not an English club? Fair or unfair? and why?
I think it's unfair. We compete in the English system and should have the same qualifying rights as the other 91 clubs in the Football / Premier League. UEFA President Michel Platini has backed us and says if the need arises he'll fight our corner. If we never finish top 6 of the Premier League and never win a cup then I'll happily not play in Europe. We wouldn't deserve to. But if we take a trophy then we should have the right to go forward.

6.Was Barnsley the best you could have hoped for in the draw considering our league position or does the fact we have knocked out both Liverpool and Chelsea make you wary this weekend?
I wanted it to be Barnsley. I felt you were the weakest team in the cup. Your achievements though have been superb but I hope that your luck has run out. You could go all the way though and create one of the biggest fairytales seen in football. They would make movies about it.

7. Did you know we have NEVER lost a semi-final? (We have been in four)
First time for everything. We've played in three. We lost the first one in a replay in 1921, then won in 1925 and 1927. That last time we went onto lift the trophy.

8. I have no doubt Stephen McPhail will be wound up for the game but who else should we be worried about in the Cardiff side?
Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink. Back after a three game suspension. Roger Johnson, Centre half, scores from set pieces. Young kid Aaron Ramsey. May just be on the bench but he's a star of the future and gets rave reviews each time he plays.

9. Who in the Barnsley side do you fear the most?
Brian Howard. Got your winner at Anfield and the equaliser at Oakwell when you came back to earn a point against us earlier in the season. Also I always think Campbell-Ryce is a dangerous player. Pace always concerns me.

10. And finally if Cardiff do not win the cup who do you think will?
Probably Pompey. (But that prediction might need updating if Albion sort them out tomorrow).
Can I just add that whatever happens I hope the Barnsley fans have a great day out. What a great feeling it is to be in this position and how refreshing to break the monotony of the "big 4" winning it every time.