View From T'Other Side: Part Two

Last updated : 14 February 2008 By Rob Miles (barnsley Boy)

If we are being honest your only chances of silverware this season are the FA Cup and Champions League, do you think because of this Rafa Benitez will play a strong side on Saturday?

I hope so but we never know with Rafa, hopefully we will play a strong team as we all know what happened last time Barnsley came to Anfield, but we also have to think about the Champions League game on Tuesday.

There has been a well-documented battle behind the scenes at Anfield this season, do you think the game on Saturday could be marred by fans chanting against Hicks and Gillett?

It will not mar the game but its simple Liverpool Football Club is in the wrong hands

The last time Barnsley came to Anfield was nearly 11 years ago and we won 1-0! Has anything around the stadium changed in the intervening years?

No, not really some houses have been knocked down at the main stand end so theres more room but that's about it.

Are there any Barnsley players you are particular worried about?

Haha! Heinz Muller looks like a decent player but he is out injured, Daniel Nardiello came from Man United so he might be up for this game a bit more.

. Finally a score prediction?

Hopefully 5-0 Liverpool, Realistically 2-0