View From T'Other Side: Part Two

Last updated : 03 October 2008 By Rob Miles (barnsley Boy)

1. I know this is a local derby but with recent results for both clubs, how massive is this game for you?

Massive, it's a derby and you always want bragging rights, but we need it for confidence more than anything. After losing a few games on the bounce, heads start to drop. This isn't the case so far, but I just wonder how much more the players can take playing really well, yet coming away with nothing.

2. After doing fantastically last season to get promoted and starting this season with two wins from four, what has suddenly gone wrong to lose the last five games?

How we started was a surprise for most people I think, everyone knows we play really good football, and this season hasn't been any different, we just simply can't put the ball in the back of the net.... we try to walk it in.

3. Inevitably when results are going wrong fans start to turn. Are Rovers fans still behind Sean O'Driscoll?

I'd say the fans are definitely still behind S'OD, to turn on him so quickly after all the success he has brought to us, would be stupid. Even Rovers fans aren't THAT fickle..

4. After five defeats is a game against Barnsley just what Doncaster need? Or is this dangerous because of the poor form of both sides?

At the start of the season I say yes, it is what we would of needed to kick start us, but now I'm not sure, we all know Barnsley are a stronger side than the one we used to tear apart every game :-P. I really can't call this match...

5. In the last five meetings between the two sides Rovers have hit 16 goals. But with both sides having only scored four goals this season, do you see it being quite a tight match?

With the way were going the best we can hope for is a nil nil draw and a point. But seriously, we don't expect to just turn up and the points are ours. I'd like to see it being an entertaining game. An early goal should do it...

6. Who will be Doncaster's danger men this season?

The striker we (hopefully) sign in January.... but Wellens is always on fire, Woods is a good player, might not start tomorrow though. Other than that there is Coppinger and O'Conner who can cause problems running up the wing!

7. Who do you fear most in the Barnsley side?

Was Howard :-P. Anyone that can threaten our goal though.

8. Score Prediction for Saturday?

Erm.... 3-2 Doncaster.... gotta be positive I suppose

9. How do you feel both sides will fare this season. Can both Barnsley Doncaster survive in the Championship this season or will we be playing this game in League One again next year?

I'd like to see us both stay up and build on our teams, but we both need to strengthen. Ask me again once the January window has shut.