View From T'Other Side: Plymouth Argyle

Last updated : 30 March 2010 By Rob Miles (BarnsleyBoy)

Obviously there is a lot of controversy over this game, what are your recollections of the first encounter back in November?
Just how bad we were - and the rain, I was out in the open and completely soaked. I guess your team adapted better on the day to the conditions. You had to be there to understand just how nuts the weather was, it was horrendous!

Many Barnsley fans, probably rightly, are aggrieved by what happened four months ago, do you feel, honestly, that Barnsley should have been awarded the points?

No, we've been in similar circumstances where we were leading games and easily bossing the game, I remember we were leading Leicester and all over them, they were clueless, I was aggrieved the game was called off. I do understand how Barnsley fans must have felt travelling all that way!

Before the original match, the Pilgrims were just outside the relegation zone, but since then you have had a change of manager and now sit second bottom, six points from safety, so what’s changed at Home Park these last four months?


 Not a lot really. We still concede sloppy goals, the damage was done starting with Sturrock at the start of this season, that squad is nearly all his. Mariner has shown us glimpses of what we can achieve when we have a fully fit squad, another bug bear as the defence are constantly being reshuffled due to injuries

How vital is three points for Plymouth in this clash, is it must win to stand any chance of survival?

Honestly? I'm now past caring. We are down. I'm fed up with "must win" games. Our home form is appalling, no doubt because of the crap pitch which I am very angry about!

If Plymouth do manage to survive this season what changes need to be made in the summer, is Paul Mariner the right man in the helm?


Firstly the pitch, they said they will upgrade this, it will be about £400 or so, it needs doing, Home Park used to be a fortress, that pitch has levelled out opposition, it's not easy to play on it at the moment and unfortunately, our players don't get used to playing on a mud heap! I don't know if Mariner is the right man, odd decision to bring him in but I will back him for the moment!

Which players do you see as key for the rest of the season and which wont you be shedding any tears about if they leave in the summer?

There's so much baggage we have from Sturrock's woeful signings. We've been blighted by so many injuries, seeing Bradley Wright Phillips return from injury and show some promise is encouraging. As is the young Bollasie. If we can get rid of Sturrock's dead wood and keep players like BWP and Bollasie next year in L1 we may have a chance of bouncing straight back (big IF)

What have you made of Barnsley under Mark Robins this season and indeed, were we 4-1 up back in November because we played well or because Plymouth were poor?


I had you guys as relegation certs before he took over, what he's done has been nothing short of amazing! You showed signs of being a decent team that day we were losing 4-1, then again, more recently you have become unpredictable, such as our better away form overcoming you lot 3-1 at yours. Still, it bodes well for the future, Barnsley are a tidy side IMHO.

Which Barnsley players do you admire?

Any that will score an own goal on Tuesday (lol)

Score prediction for Tuesday

2-1 to Barnsley

Where do you see both teams finishing the season?

Argyle relegated in 23rd spot
Barnsley finishing a respectable 11th