Coca-Cola Championship Relegation Run-in 2007/2008

Last updated : 01 April 2008 By Alastair Limb (tykesmad)
You may remember me doing one of these last season and I predicted that Southend, Luton and Leeds would be relegated from the Championship. That was perfectly correct.

Below shows the current clubs in danger of relegation to Coca-Cola League One. Assuming Scunthorpe United and Colchester United are already relegated. Which club will occupy the third and final relegation spot?

BLACKPOOL - Current Position: 16th - Points: 50

Remaining Fixtures

8th April: BLACKPOOL v West Brom (Lose)
12th April: Cardiff City v BLACKPOOL (Lose)

19th April: BLACKPOOL v Sheff Wed (Draw)

26th April: Plymouth v BLACKPOOL (Lose)

4th May: BLACKPOOL v Watford (Draw)

My Verdict - 52 points

NORWICH CITY - Current Position: 17th - Points: 49

Remaining Fixtures

5th April: NORWICH v Burnley (Win)

13th April: Ipswich v NORWICH (Lose)

19th April: NORWICH v West Brom (Draw)

26th April: NORWICH v Queens Park Rangers (Win)

4th May: Sheff Wed v NORWICH (Draw)

My Verdict - 57 points

- Current Position: 18th - Points: 49

Remaining Fixtures

5th April: Watford v COVENTRY (Lose)

12th April: COVENTRY v Stoke (Draw)

19th April: Colchester v COVENTRY (Win)

26th April: COVENTRY v Wolves (Draw)

4th May: Charlton v COVENTRY (Lose)

My Verdict - 54 points

- Current Position: 19th - Points: 47

Remaining Fixtures

5th April: Sheff Utd v LEICESTER (Lose)

12th April: LEICESTER v Colchester (Win)

19th April: Barnsley v LEICESTER (Lose)

26th April: LEICESTER v Sheff Wed (Draw)

4th May: Stoke v LEICESTER (Lose)

My Verdict - 54 points

WEDNESDAY - Current Position: 20th - Points: 46

Remaining Fixtures

5th April: Scunthorpe v SHEFF WED (Draw)

8th April: Sheff Utd v SHEFF WED (Lose)

14th April: SHEFF WED v Plymouth (Draw)

19th April: Blackpool v SHEFF WED (Draw)

26th April: Leicester v SHEFF WED (Draw)

4th May: SHEFF WED v Norwich (Draw)

My Verdict - 51 points

- Current Position: 21st - Points: 46

Remaining Fixtures

8th April: Watford v BARNSLEY (Lose)

12th April: Preston v BARNSLEY (Draw)

15th April: BARNSLEY v Hull (Draw)

19th April: BARNSLEY v Leicester (Win)
26th April: BARNSLEY v Charlton (Draw)

4th May: Cardiff v BARNSLEY (Draw)

My Verdict - 52 points

- Current Position: 22nd - Points: 46

Remaining Fixtures

6th April: SOUTHAMPTON v Bristol City (Draw)

12th April: Charlton v SOUTHAMPTON (Lose)

19th April: SOUTHAMPTON v Burnley (Draw)

26th April: West Brom v SOUTHAMPTON (Lose)

4th May: SOUTHAMPTON v Sheff United (Draw)

My Verdict - 49 points

SCUNTHORPE UNITED - Current Position: 23rd - Points: 38

Remaining Fixtures

5th April: SCUNTHORPE v Sheff Wed (Draw)

12th April: Crystal Palace v SCUNTHORPE (Lose)

19th April: SCUNTHORPE v Cardiff (Win)

26th April: Watford v SCUNTHORPE (Lose)

4th May: SCUNTHORPE v Colchester (Win)

My Verdict - 45 points

UNITED - Current Position: 24th - Points: 33

Remaining Fixtures

5th April: COLCHESTER v Ipswich (Draw)

12th April: Leicester v COLCHESTER (Lose)

19th April: COLCHESTER v Coventry (Lose)

26th April: COLCHESTER v Stoke (Lose)

4th May: Scunthorpe v COLCHESTER (Lose)

My Verdict - 34 points

- 57 points

Coventry - 54 points

Leicester - 54 points

Blackpool - 52 points

Barnsley - 52 points

Sheff Wed - 51 points


Southampton - 49 points

Scunthorpe - 45 points

Colchester - 34 points