2009-2010 Championship Previews

Last updated : 06 August 2009 By Rob Miles (barnsley Boy)

Manager: Paul Sturrock

Odds to win: 66/1. Odds for Promotion: 25/1


Position: 21st W:13 D:12 L:21 F:44 A:57 Points: 51

Top Scorer: Paul Gallagher (13)

FA Cup: Third Round

League Cup: First Round

Yellows: 58 Reds: 3

Results against Reds:

20/12/08 Barnsley 2-0 Plymouth. 3/5/09 Plymouth 1-2 Barnsley


Name: Auntie Mabel (Alex Ludbrook)

Club: Plymouth Argyle

Level of Interest
I.e Now and then, Every other week, season ticket holder etc)

As often as possible! Living over 200 miles from home park means I am lucky to make 5 home games a year, but I try to get to as many away games as possible - aiming for 10 this year.

How has pre-season gone for you?

Very well. We have been taken over at long last by a Japanese/English consortium. Former Man Utd chairman (Sir Roy Gardner) is our new top man and there is a very positive vibe about the club. Details of a 5 year plan to get us to Premier league to be released soon. The future looks bright, or at least brighter than it was! Tour of Scotland saw us lose to Livingston but then beat the champions of Romania. Apparently we have been playing well, but perhaps still not scoring enough.

Are you pleased with the signings your club has made?

Yes. Four players in so far, 3 frees and one small undisclosed fee. Carl Fletcher joined after a successful loan last year, Bradley Wright-Phillips also signed, he has a lot of talent and hopefully Sturrock can re-invigorate his career. Also a couple of players no-one has ever heard of: Kari Arnasen (Icelandic International DM) and Reda Johnson (Benin International CB) have both had very encouraging reports. Could still do with a new right back to challenge the injury prone but highly talented MacNamee.

What realistically are you aiming for this season?
To stay well clear of any relegation battle.

Which player has past his sell by date?

I would have suggested Kristian Timar, who had a very poor season last year (following a horrific facial injury). He did however have a great game Vs Hearts recently so perhaps he can reproduce some of his previous form for us and become a fans favourite again. Yohan Follly & Simon Walton look to be leaving as soon as anyone comes in for them. They are both still fairly young though so its more of a case of failing to ripen rather than past their sell by dates!

Have you got the right manager in charge?
A controversial issue. Sturrock was under a lot of pressure last season following a dismal second half of the season, many fans would have liked to seen the back of him. However, most of the grumbling fans seem happy to wipe the slate clean and give him another chance this season. I'm a big fan of his though so glad he is still our man, the new board seem to be backing him as well.

What advice would you give him?

Bring on subs earlier in a game!

Who do you see as your key player?

Marcel Seip - The rock in our defence!

Who would you most like to beat this season?

On a personal level it would be Palace - as they are fairly local to me and I want bragging rights over the Palace fans I work with. Play them 1st game of the season so really looking forward to getting off to a good start!

Where will you finish?

After narrowly escaping relegation last year I will be happy with midtable. Lots of positivity about the coming season. At a guess, we will finish an optimistic12th!

How do you rate Barnsley's chances next season and where do you think they will finish?[/quote]

I may be wrong but I don't think there has been a huge amount of transfer activity for Barnsley, I would expect another season of struggle. Maybe another last day escape - 21st!