2009-2010 Championshp Previews

Last updated : 06 August 2009 By Rob Miles (barnsley Boy)

Manager: Jim Magilton

Odds to win: 18/1. Odds for Promotion: 6/1


Position: 11th W:15 D:16 L:15 F:42 A:44 Points: 61

Top Scorer: Dexter Blackstock (12)

FA Cup: Third Round

League Cup: Fourth Round

Yellows: 64 Reds: 4

Results against Reds:

9/8/08 QPR 2-1 Barnsley. 28/2/09 Barnsley 2-1 QPR


Name:  David Barton

Club: QPR

Level of Interest:
Season ticket holder so go to all home games and most away ones.

How has pre-season gone for you?
It's been quiet really, we've not faced any real quality sides it's been mostly non league sides and a mini tour of Slovenia. Results wise it's been as expected with wins against the weak sides and we've lost to the only half decent team we've played. Magilton has tried to give a few of the youngsters a go which is good to see but it's been nothing to get excited about apart from seeing the long term injured return to action.

Are you pleased with the signings your club has made?
Getting Adel Taarabt on loan is a good move, he was superb for us on loan towards the end of last season. I've no idea how good Faurlin is who has signed for a reported £3.5million. We seem to be making the same mistakes as last year though in signing plenty of quality in midfield but nothing up front then wondering why we can't score any goals.

What realistically are you aiming for this season?
We really should be pushing for the playoffs this year but I think most teams in this division tend to say that at this time of year. I'd be disappointed if we didn't at least challenge for them this time around.

Which player has past his sell by date?
A tough one as he's been great for us but I'm not sure how much longer Gareth Ainsworth can go on charging up and down the right wing.

Have you got the right manager in charge?
I hope so, Jim Magilton wasn't exactly the big name everyone expected but he's a decent manager who if given time could prove to do well at QPR. As with the last few managers though it will all depend on how much power is given to Magilton and how much influence our not so glorious leader wants. If it's the same as it was under Dowie and Sousa then he might not last long.

What advice would you give him?
Don't make any long term plans and whatever you do don't lose at home when Flavio Briatorie brings special guests to the game. Iain Dowie and Paulo Sousa quickly found out that poor home performances in front of the VIP's quickly lead to the boot.

Who do you see as your key player?
Akos Buzsaky is vital to us, he was injured for most of last season and we really missed him. If he can recapture the form he showed when he first joined us then we're a match for anyone. Radek Cerny is also key for us, he was excellent last season and it's vital that he has another good season as the lack of goals in the team means we need a good defensive record again.

Who would you most like to beat this season?
I think everyone wants to beat Newcastle due to the media hype about them all the time plus I've still not forgiven them for nicking Les Ferdinand off us which we still haven't recovered from.

Where will you finish?

If we sign a decent striker then I think we'll make the playoffs, if not then same as last year around 10th.

How do you rate Barnsley's chances next season and where do you think they will finish?

Hopefully you'll have Iain Hume fit for the whole season, he was a massive loss for you last year. I thought you played good football last year when I saw you but you lacked a finishing touch, I imagine it will be the same again. I think you'll stay up but would be surprised if you finished higher than 15th.