Angry Rowing Slams Sharp Chant Allegations

Last updated : 03 January 2012 By Alastair Limb (tykesmad)

Barnsley Football Club's general manager Don Rowing has blasted allegations of chanting towards Doncaster's striker Billy Sharp regarding his late son.

Luey Sharp died in October, only two days after being born, and a vicious rumour which started on Twitter suggested Barnsley fans were singing sick songs about him.

Rowing said: “I went to the game with other directors of Barnsley Football Club and senior management and I can assure you neither I, nor any other person I was with, heard any such comments.

“The social media network provides a platform for mindless mischief-makers. This is where we’re heading nowadays, we’re going to get ‘Twittergation’.

“There are people who post as other people, they’re not accountable for what they say.

“I don’t think people are cruel enough to have actually made those comments at the game.

“I think this is a case of someone having an axe to grind with someone else and putting the initial post up on Twitter that certain comments were made.

“Common sense has to prevail here. The alleged comments were never heard by the person they were intended for and certainly not heard by me nor anyone else I was with.

“Now if any of our fans did hear any of these alleged chants and want to identify any individuals we will obviously take the necessary action. We’re quite happy to do that.

“We would take strong action. But I believe our fans behaved impeccably yesterday.”

Sharp himself, who made Doncaster's opening goal in their 2-0 victory at the Keepmoat, tweeted to say: "I didnt hear anything apart from u fat b.........d and fat sheffield reject,but i proved i wasnt fat for the 1st goal"

He later went on to say: "But if there was a few people chanting that then i hope your proud of yourself,but i cant imagine any1 been so disrespectful."

You can read Sharp's tweets here:!/billysharp10