I Was Wrong Says Ref

Barnsley boss Keith Hill has revealed Tuesday’s night’s referee Carl Boyeson has apologised for disallowing Matty Done’s effort that would have brought the scores to 2-2 against Birmingham.

Done was flagged offside after racing onto a Jay McEveley through ball that was dummied by Craig Davies, and finished coolly into the net with visitors Birmingham leading 2-1.

After the match Hill said he felt the officials had got it “horribly wrong” and today told the media referee Boyeson telephoned him the next morning to apologise.

Speaking to www.barnsleyfc.co.uk Hill said:

"Carl (Boyeson) phoned me up on Wednesday morning and the first thing he said was 'sorry',”

"I went to see the referee and the officials and the assessor after the match. It was obvious to ourselves that Matty Done was not just onside, but a long way onside. And even if Craig Davies had touched the ball he still would have been onside. So we had a genuine goal chalked off.

"I asked them to take a look at the DVD. I didn't go in there angry. I realise and I know and knew at half time they got a major decision wrong - seriously wrong. If it's marginal, I can accept it and I've got to accept it anyway because it can't be changed.

"But we want a responsibility from the officials. We want them to acknowledge that they get things wrong. He apologised to me on behalf of his team - he got the decision wrong - and it's great to be able to communicate with a referee and his officials and them actually accept that they are culpable.

"They understand the demands of the Manager never mind the players.

"It doesn't do me any favours with respect to changing the outcome of that game but there's an acknowledgement that he didn't get it wrong and there not sweeping it under the carpet.

"Quite often you seek answers to questions and you don't get them.

"It was satisfying that they actually agreed they didn't get it marginally wrong - they got it horrendously wrong.

"I accept their apologies; he's a good referee. That honesty and integrity should work both ways. He showed me a lot of respect to do what he did."