Oh, Danny Boy....

Last updated : 25 June 2007 By Alastair Limb (tykesmad)
Barnsley striker Daniel Nardiello has left chairman Gordon Shepherd feeling like a bit of a fool this afternoon after venturing south to sign for Championship rivals QPR after being expected at Oakwell to pen a new deal with the Reds.

Shepherd had already added his signature to Nardiello's contract sheet but at 2pm this afternoon, Reds boss Simon Davey received a phone call from Nardiello to tell him that he would be signing for QPR, after the 11am call from his agent to tell Gordon that Nardiello would be there soon to sign a contract.

Shepherd told the Official Website:

"The Club are desperately disappointed at Daniel's late, late decision especially as the deal was all agreed and the paperwork ready on the table for his signature.

"We are also very unhappy at assurances given to us by the player that he would only consider leaving Oakwell for a Club closer to his home in the Midlands.

"As we had been hoping to announce Daniel's signature this afternoon, we feel that we have no alternative but to inform our supporters of the events and we are sure that they will share our deep disappointment at the way we have been treated today".

Nardiello appeared 119 times and bagged 31 goals.

Scarborough Tyke's Verdict: There's only one word that sums people like this up. Judas. I wouldn't mind if he hadn't have told the club he was coming in to sign and he was going straight to QPR, but oh no, too difficult for Danny that. Maybe Davey will find someone to replace him who isn't lazy and arrogant. Yes I am ever grateful for what he did towards the back end of last season and the season before but if they don't wanna play for the club..stuff 'em.

BarnsleyBoy's Verdict:

Agree with Ali,

Everybody knows how much I thought of Nardiello. I've been a massive fan since his 2 goal debut against Blackpool in 2004. And now 3 years of admiration have disappeared in the space of a day!

Be offered a contract- turn it down. Fine that's football.

Accept a contract, tell the club your on your way and then get your agent to ring to say your now in London. Complete and utterly gutless.

Good riddance!!!