The Coca-Cola Championship Relegation Run-In

Last updated : 02 April 2007 By Alastair Limb (tykesmad)

Coca Cola Championship Relegation Run-Ins

LEICESTER CITY - Current Position 17th - Points 46

Remaining Fixtures

6th April - LEICESTER v Derby County (Lose)

9th April - Plymouth Argyle v LEICESTER (Draw)

14th April - LEICESTER v Norwich City (Draw)

17th April - LEICESTER v Birmingham City (Lose)

21st April - Preston NE v LEICESTER (Lose)

28th April - Barnsley v LEICESTER (Lose)

6th May - LEICESTER v Wolves (Draw)

My Verdict - 49 points

HULL CITY - Current Position 18th - Points 44

Remaining Fixtures

6th April - HULL v Norwich City (Win)

9th April - Wolves v HULL (Lose)

14th April - HULL v Colchester Utd (Draw)

21st April - Stoke City v HULL (Lose)

28th April - Cardiff City v HULL (Lose)

6th May - HULL v Plymouth Argyle (Win)

My Verdict - 51 points

BURNLEY - Current Position 19th - Points 42

Remaining Fixtures

3rd April - BURNLEY v Plymouth Argyle (Draw)

7th April - Birmingham City v BURNLEY (Lose)

9th April - BURNLEY v Cardiff (Lose)

14th April - Leeds United v BURNLEY (Draw)

17th April - BURNLEY v Norwich City (Draw)

23rd April - BURNLEY v West Brom (Lose)

27th April - Sunderland v BURNLEY (Lose)

6th May - BURNLEY v Coventry City (Lose)

My Verdict - 45 points

BARNSLEY - Current Position 20th - Points 41

Remaining Fixtures

7th April - Ipswich Town v BARNSLEY (Draw)

9th April - BARNSLEY v Birmingham City (Lose)

14th April - Southend United v BARNSLEY (Win)

21st April - BARNSLEY v Crystal Palace (Draw)

28th April - BARNSLEY v Leicester City (Win)

6th May - West Brom v BARNSLEY (Lose)

My Verdict - 49 points

QPR - Current Position 21st - Points 41

Remaining Fixtures

3rd April - QPR v Preston NE (Draw)

7th April - Coventry City v QPR (Lose)

9th April - QPR v Luton Town (Win)

14th April - Sunderland v QPR (Lose)

21st April - QPR v Cardiff City (Lose)

28th April - Wolves v QPR (Lose)

6th May - QPR v Stoke City (Draw)

My Verdict - 46 points

SOUTHEND UNITED - Current Position 22nd (Relegation Zone) - Points 39
Remaining Fixtures

6th April - SOUTHEND v Colchester Utd (Draw)

9th April - Preston NE v SOUTHEND (Lose)

14th April - SOUTHEND v Barnsley (Lose)

21st April - Plymouth Argyle v SOUTHEND (Lose)

28th April - SOUTHEND v Luton Town (Win)

6th May - Southampton v SOUTHEND (Lose)

My Verdict - 43 points

LEEDS UNITED - Current Position 23rd (Relegation Zone) - Points 39

Remaining Fixtures

7th April - LEEDS v Plymouth Argyle (Win)

9th April - Colchester Utd v LEEDS (Lose)

14th April - LEEDS v Burnley (Draw)

21st April - Southampton v LEEDS (Lose)

28th April - LEEDS v Ipswich (Draw)

6th May - Derby County v LEEDS (Lose)

My Verdict - 44 points

LUTON TOWN - Current Position 24th (Relegation Zone) - Points 37

Remaining Fixtures

7th April - LUTON v Southampton (Lose)

9th April - QPR v LUTON (Lose)

14th April - LUTON v Plymouth Argyle (Draw)

20th April - Derby County v LUTON (Lose)

28th April - Southend United v LUTON (Lose)

6th May - LUTON v Sunderland (Lose)

My Verdict - 38 points


17. Hull 51

18. Leicester 49

19. Barnsley 49
20. QPR 46

21. Burnley 45


22. Leeds 44

23. Southend 43

24. Luton 38

So, according to my good self, it will be the current bottom three that will be visiting, or in Southend's case, re-visiting the wasteland of League One, although it will be extremely close.