Aston Villa 1-3 Barnsley: Post Match Reaction

Last updated : 15 February 2017 By Rob Miles (BarnsleyBoy)
“The fans enjoyed it and the players enjoyed it as well, you’ve got to feed off each other and the fans know and appreciate how hard the players work.
They’re proud of the team and how they try and play and the effort and energy that they give whether we win or lose. 
“It’s important those sorts of things because then the players can see that if we get the win, we get the three points and some praise off me, we’ll go through it for the next game, but they can see what it means to everybody else when they put the effort in like that.”
“I always say we have to be able to play lots of different ways to win and I thought we showed it all in one game tonight.
“We were under pressure a lot first half but defended our box again really well, just like on Saturday, we were a threat on the counter and when we were brave enough to take the ball and pass it properly, we were a threat that way as well.
“But even though we went 2-0 up and Villa scored a good goal, I felt we weren’t really good enough with the ball and we had to play with less fear and be braver, have everyone take the ball more, and without the ball we had to be better in how we pressed.
“Although we defended really well, in the first half we didn’t impose or press on their men. Second half we did that much better and the second half was a really good performance.
“We know we take risks and we know we’re sometimes going to leave ourselves open, we accept that, we’ve got our heads around that and we know that when we do play that way, a team has got to play really well to beat us.,"
“Tom's goals were instinctive, he didn’t have time to think about the finish and he’s scored a lot of good goals that way. Not only with us, but in his time with Walsall as well and that is a real strength of his."
“George Moncur did well, he even got time to wink at me on 80 minutes when he’s in the wrong place when we’ve got a corner and I’m screaming my head off at him. He’s come back and he wants to show what he can do and earn his place in the team. We give him a hell of a lot of attention and information but you have to be able to take it in.
“For the majority of the game, his work without the ball, which is what we’ve questioned him before and pushed him on, was really good, but we need to continue to push them on every detail." 

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