Barnsley 1-1 Huddersfield

Last updated : 26 February 2017 By Rob Miles (BarnsleyBoy)
“I’m pleased with the point because we weren’t at our best. Second half, even though we didn’t show a lot of quality on the ball, we affected the game with energy, desire and a tempo to our play.
“We left ourselves a little bit open on the counter attack but we accept that. We want to be aggressive at home and know that a good side like Huddersfield with pace can pose us a threat on the counter.
“We’d much rather that than give Huddersfield too much time on the ball like we did in the first half.
“We’ve got the point which is great but everyone plays their part. First half, I had a go at our two centre backs thinking we didn’t really deal with their centre forwards well enough.
“When we forced them to play long, we didn’t pick the ball up, they did. Second half our centre-backs become more aggressive, dominate and win a lot of long balls, and then made blocks on the line which is fine.
“That’s their job so like I say, everyone’s contributed. We battled hard and deserved the point.”
“I didn’t enjoy being in the stands it’s worse than any fine they could give you for me, I don’t know if I’m deluding myself if you have an impact from the sideline, but it might just be for my benefit.
“I’d much rather be down there than having an earpiece in,”.
“I’m not bothered who gets the man of the match, everybody has to contribute. Davo’ was exceptional, he has been getting better and better throughout the season and becoming really consistent.
“Then when you can make big saves like he did today, that’s even better for us. We rely on everyone to get us points. We’ll take it when Davo’ has nothing to do, but likewise when he has games where he’s really busy like today, he’s got to make the saves.
“It’s is important (to reach 50 points) but again, that may have been in everyone’s eyes to start with but if you limit yourself to just staying up, you’re probably going to finish fourth bottom.
“Myself, the staff, this group of players, it’s all about winning as many games as we can and we’ve got another 12 to play for.
“We have a good squad of players now. The subs came on and had a big impact and the players who have been playing before have done exactly the same.
“It’s healthy, we want it that way and we want players to keep contributing,” 

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