Barnsley 1-1 Nottingham Forest

"I feel as though the performance was a bit negative in the first half. The players went into their shell and didn't express themselves with energy and enthusiasm.

"It wasn't a time for shouting at half time, but we asked the players to represent themselves in the manner that they do every day in training because they are good players who need encouragement and support.

"In the second half the players created a bit of an atmosphere and the supporters got behind us.

"We were a bit fortunate to be only one goal down in the first half. There was some great defending and a possibility of them getting a penalty so quite fortunate.

"Paul Digby was outstanding in the second half. There were some decisions the players made that intrigued me bcause they wouldn't make them on the training ground, but it was evident that they were a bit fearful playing here today.

"We thought it was right to put Craig (Davies) out on the right hand side because of their full back sitting in and allowing Reid to tuck into midfield. It worked and what a strike, to get his 11th goal of the season. I think he is a fabulous player, and considering it's his first season in the Championship."

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