Barnsley 2-1 Oldham: Post Match Reaction

“We feel the result in the Walsall game went our way as well so we’re back in it and it’s all we want. We keep driving forwards and we’ll enjoy it as long as we can between now and the end of the season.

“From where we were to where we are, as long as we’re in it at the end of the season is all that matters.

“We don’t want to rock up at the end of the season and games to become meaningless for us because we’ve worked hard this season and the players have been successful.

“The fans have enjoyed it but there’s nothing more exciting than the adrenalin where every win means something and every defeat hurts.

“I don’t want to experience losing that edge and I’ve been passing that down to the players as well.”

"It was a decent performance and we got the win, which I thought we deserved. I’m disappointed it took their goal in the second half to kick us into gear.

“We spoke at half time and said that the second goal was going to be massive, we felt we’d get it, set up to get it but when they scored, it was like the shackles came off again and we were creating chances.

“When we missed a couple, we wondered whether or not it would be like Saturday but credit to the lads, they carried on battling and got the deserved result,”

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