Barnsley 2-2 Birmingham

Last updated : 01 January 2017 By Rob Miles (BarnsleyBoy)
"I was happier with the second half in terms of the state of the game and how we managed it with 10 men.
"This team will always battle and we did really, really well and had the better chances with 10 men.
"Some parts of the first half were excellent, our energy off the ball, pressing and the way that we won the ball back to cause them problems was really good.
"We felt at half time we weren't good enough with the ball, it was one area we could have and really should have been better, but we didn't get a chance to do that going down to 10 men five minutes into the second half."
"Our goals were two really good goals, but I'm really pleased that the strikers scored and they came from what we were working on which is always pleasing. 
"It gives everyone confidence and belief in what you're doing but there was one big area we wanted to be better second half but that all changed and went out the window, and you fall back on your defensive work.
"I only had to shout on two or three instructions which were needed in the second half because the boys fell back on all their hard work." 
"Robbo will learn from it but I'd have been upset if I'd not been given that penalty and the new rules state if you aren't making a genuine attempt to get the ball its a sending off.
"Now Robbo's not making an attempt to win the ball, it's just the nature of their paths colliding, so that's where the decision was harsh, but we'll have to accept that.
"He will be missed but we've obviously got Jacko' back and it was a good thing to get minutes in him but it leaves us light in that position." 
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