Barnsley 3-0 Walsall: Post Match Reaction

Last updated : 15 May 2016 By Rob Miles (BarnsleyBoy)

“We’re over the moon with that but it is only half time in the tie, and 3-0 up at half time is something we’ll take.

“That’s the reward and we’ve put ourselves into a good position. We’ve not got what we’re after yet. We have to go at it with the same mindset and same approach and focus and determination on Thursday.

“It’s the drive and determination that’s got us where we are and that’s what we have to keep. The challenge is to win on Thursday because we have to approach it the same way.

“How do you set a team up to defend a 3-0 lead? You don’t. We have to go and win the game, we have a way of playing and we aim to do that every game.

“We just have to focus on certain aspects dependent on the opposition and adapt. We’ll go at it in the same way, demand the same things and hopefully get the same result.”

“The fans can sing that (going to Wembley twice) as much as they want because that’s what we’re playing for. You want them to enjoy it and get as much out of it but we have to have a different mindset.

“I’d rather them sing it because it spurs the lads on and makes the atmosphere great. We demand more of ourselves than that, we know how hard we have to work for every win and we need to do that on Thursday.

“The most pleasing thing is for the players and the fans together and in our last game here this season, they sent the fans home happy and they’ve had the chance to thank the players for a good season.

“It’s good to leave them out there to soak all that up, especially winning big games like that,” 

“The thing about the play-offs is that they’re set up as the best way to get promoted, but only because of the tension,” 

“People say if you can guarantee going up through the play-offs it’d be the best way but if you’re guaranteed to go up that way, it loses all of the tension.

“The tenser and more exciting it is, the bigger the joy at the end. We know what we’re fighting for and we’ve put ourselves in a good position and we’ll go to win on Thursday night."

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