Bristol City 3-2 Barnsley: Post Match Reaction

Last updated : 24 April 2017 By Rob Miles (BarnsleyBoy)

"Today's second half has highlighted the things that we talk about with the players behind closed doors, our two centre-backs have really been holding the back four together at times and to lose one of them exposes other people's frailties and giving goals away.

"The players know they have to be better but they've been having to be better in every one of their games. Today everyone has seen their weaknesses first hand and why we badger them because moments like that, and it was schoolboy defending, not just for the goals, but the whole second half." 

"I'm singling them out but they know they didn't defend well enough and it was a real poor showing from the three full backs on the pitch but they also didn't get much help from the players in front whereas they did in the first half.

"It's always a team game, we win and lose together and again, when you're always pushing and pushing and why you want a perfect performance, it's for moments like that, now they can see why it is important.

"Even though we played well first half and dominated the ball and had the better chances, I still felt we needed more and we could have got more. Deep down we knew we'd need more goals but you're relying on Gethin playing out of position and for the players to stand up and do everything correctly and we didn't do that." 

"The credit I can pay George is the things we've been asking him to do in training and driving about he's been trying to do it. It's pointless breaking from midfield to pass back or square, we encourage the end product and to get your shots in.”

"He did it in the last match and was unlucky, he's done it today and got the rewards but I spoke to George about his work off the ball. As a squad we've not got many natural defenders and we have to work really hard if the players want to be in the team, the team is about winning, we're about more than just playing pretty football." 

"You could hear the fans all game, I feel for them because them as well as the players, we shouldn't have lost that game. We've given them three goals, Bristol will be delighted but we've given them three goals and an unfortunate injury has cost us really."

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