Derby 2-1 Barnsley: Post Match Reaction

Last updated : 05 March 2017 By Rob Miles (BarnsleyBoy)
"Everyone's being saying it to me after the game and I think I'm a bit more dejected than I should be because people are saying we could have and should have got something out of the game and it's probably a reflection of how far we've come that the boys are coming off really disappointed with the goals we've conceded. 
"I'm coming off a little bit disappointed with one or two individual performances because I know how well they can play and I didn't think we gave a true account of ourselves today. I'll watch it back and hopefully put a bit more of a perspective on that.
"It's a testament to the players and their application and attitude and the standards they've set. They're always disappointed when we lose and it's been a while since we've been beaten away. It's a feeling I don't like and the players don't like it. I know and they know that we could have done better and we have to put perspective on it, otherwise you can drive yourself crazy.
"We know we can play our best game and get beat, likewise today we were a little bit off it and we should have got something out of the game. There's games when we've played our best game and won, there's games when we've played worse than that this season, like I say, that's just the difficult part."
"I thought for the first 25 minutes we were the better side, I'm looking at the stats, chances and shots and did we have that many? I'm on a bit of a downer from the game but we definitely started better, they got on top at the end of the first half and we got the first goal and I thought we took control of the game.
"Even for Derby's huffing and puffing and good play, I thought we were in control. The timing of the goals killed us, after scoring and looking comfortable, the ball drops for Tom Ince, the last person you want it to fall to and he put it away.
"Then straight after making subs, within 10 seconds they get the second and that was a soft goal on our part. The timing knocked the stuffing out of us but we finished the game strongly. We could have got something out of it, but we didn't. 
"My job and the players' job will be looking at why we didn't and what we can do better,"
"I'm just disappointed we couldn't go on after taking the lead. Recovery is big for us now, a lot of the boys who played for us will be starting again on Tuesday. We'll look at the team, see where we can freshen it up and get a positive result.
"It's not pressure, it's a desire to do well, when you watch us play, even today, there's an intensity to how we try and play. We maybe lacked the quality today but we always play with a drive and energy and that's what we do because we demand a lot and the players demand a lot."
"The charity walk is great, things like that only help to put a positive spin on the club. We do good things on the pitch and everybody works hard off the pitch so any sort of fundraising, things where we can raise the profile of the club in a positive way then it's great to see.
"They've been backing us, especially away from home, turning out in their numbers. We've had some good grounds to come to and some good performances, some positive results, but today wasn't one of those days," 

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