Norwich 4-0 Barnsley Post Match Reaction

"It was always going to be difficult to come here this week but that does not excuse our second half performance. That was unacceptable and it is not something we are used to. We paid the price for some poor defending and it was a shambles.

"There are no excuses and all those goals could have been avoided. We had a decent first half and had some chances but 45 minutes like that is unacceptable. It was surprising to capitulate like that and it is the first time it has happened this season. We will have to look at that and that starts on Monday morning.

"I am not happy with the defending and it gave us an uphill task. It was a terrible 45 minutes and the worst half of the season. That is something we cannot repeat. Barnsley Football Club are not like that any more.

"It is a terrible scoreline".

Simon Davey was talking to