Rochdale 3-0 Barnsley: Post Match Reaction

Last updated : 31 August 2015 By Rob Miles (BarnsleyBoy)
"You can have all the excuses in the world, we all know what they are, but we didn't do enough.
"Were there circumstances? Can I write it off? No. I thought two or three went under, mentally, which I'll keep in house but I'll have a word with them.
"I just thought we lacked what we've normally got which is that bit of quality and that bit of energy. I'm not saying that as an excuse from the other day, I'm just saying that as a fact.
"Am I worried? No. Not at all. Because when it goes from Saturday to Saturday, we'll have a lot more time to get working with the players. I was a bit disappointed in a couple for different reasons but that's life.
"Thanks to the fans because they still made themselves enjoy it even though we didn't give them much to enjoy. We move on and we have to move on very quickly.
"I've been there before as a player, there were far too many unforced errors. Rochdale are a good side. It was a bad time to play them, they've got a lot of energy.
"I'm disappointed because I'm looking for those leaders in the group.
"I don't regret making three changes because I wanted to show trust in the squad. I think the players will regret their performance.
"The fans are an educated bunch, they see what we're trying to do. They knew it wasn't a usual performance from us as far as our energy levels are concerned.
"The fixture list wasn't kind and our players weren't good. When you get those two clashes, you're in for a poor game."

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