Nardiello is our key to safety

Last updated : 21 April 2007 By Alastair Limb (tykesmad)
Danny Nardiello. What were we all saying about him a few weeks back? it for the money....doesn't care.....doesn't score often enough. Well he has anwered all those critics now with six goals in four matches that has put the Reds within millimetres of Championship survival.

Two vital goals at Sarfend last week and two more today has really made him a cult hero around Oakwell now and the ovation when he was substituted raised hairs on the back of my neck never mind his! He completely deserved the MOTM award today, even though that first penalty was disgraceful.

If we do stay up, we need to cast out the dead wood of the squad, of which I can only see one piece. That would be Dwayne Mattis who looks COMPLETELY out of his depth in the Championship and needs to go back to Bury.

On the bringing players in note, we need to bring in another centre back (not knocking the work the two lads at centre half did today) but we need stability in the defensive area, as well as wing back (left in particular).

Overall, very happy and almost 100% confident we'll stay up. Another job to do against Leicester next week and we need to ensure we don't need to go to West Brom and get a result.

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