Reds fans still waiting for official statements

Despite most of today's papers containing stories of his departure, Reds owner Peter Ridsdale has yet to make a statement on his current situation at Barnsley.

Cash-flow issues and a boardroom rift with director Gordon Shepherd have been at the root of growing problems behind the scenes at the League One club over the last two months according to the Yorkshire Post.

Ridsdale and chief executive David Walker were not even in the directors' box for Saturday's home game against Peterborough United.

Supporters, who hailed Ridsdale as a saviour on his arrival at the club just 14 months ago, are now feeling stunned by news of his possible departure.

Alan Bloore, spokesman for the Supporters Club, said: "This could just spoil a good Christmas. There have been no complaints from our supporters about Mr Ridsdale because he inherited a difficult job at a difficult period in the club's history and has taken it forward."

Today's Daily Mail suggests Ridsdale will make a loss by selling the club because money is owed to Cryne and the club are still losing money.